Our mission is simple – it’s to change lives.We are different than a regular gym and this is on purpose. We offer a private, comfortable and encouraging atmosphere for our clients to achieve their dreams. Through personal training, nutrition, support, motivation and accountability we help our clients live the best life possible and to enjoy every step along the way. We invite all shapes, sizes and goals into our studios. Many of our clients have tried everything is past – crash diets, exercise fads, regular gyms – all with little to no success and no results. But that’s where we come in. We are in the results business. We are there for the people that are ready for a long term solution and who are ready to work hard…because the results and the new life are worth it.

Our methods and formulas for fitness success have been proven time and time again through years and years of experience, of education and of personal and professional growth. Our team is required to have post secondary education, to complete our very own 12 Week Apprenticeship Program and most importantly to the best of the best. Our team will coach you, motivate you, encourage you and guide you to amazing body transformation results…or your money back. It’s as simple as that!

So, if you are ready to commit to yourself and are excited about becoming a better version of yourself we invite you to take the first step by requesting a free consultation. It’s no risk, no obligation and it could be the start to something great. And remember, you are worth it. Book today!

The 360 Foundation

Our foundation was created in 2010 and acts as the charitable arm of 360 Fitness. Our mission is to help people live life to the fullest and enjoy every step along the way…and that includes the communities around us. We understand that healthy living starts from good habits developed early, and that’s why our foundation focuses on involvement with local youth in the form of healthy lunch programs, teaching seminars, purchasing gym equipment, bringing in speakers and establishing post secondary scholarships for high school students entering the fitness field.

We generate awareness and funds through our Annual Client Awards Gala, our 360 Summit, Trainer Revenge and more.

Since it’s inception we are super proud to say that we have raised over $160,000 for local charities and contributed over 12000 volunteer hours. It’s our way of giving back, supporting our community and making our mission a reality.


We work with men and women that wish to shed excess pounds, get fit and live life to the fullest. With our award winning personal training programs, realistic nutrition plans and life changing coaching…you can absolutely get where you need to go. *Results May Vary From Client to Client.

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Innovation with 360 Fitness Trainer Curriculum

To be the best, you must have the best team. That’s the purpose behind our industry leading staff onboarding program – the Trainer Curriculum. This 12 week intensive apprenticeship program ensures that our personal training team is made up of the best of the best and it also ensures our clients that they will have the most experienced, educated and involved trainer standing beside them. Even though 360 Fitness requires national level certifications and post secondary education to join our team, we also require all new hires (regardless of education) to undergo our 12 week program. There they will learn the industry better, learn our clients better, learn about their common problems and become more adapt at finding solutions.

We created this system to give a much better experience to our clients but also for our staff. We want them to learn our core values, our mission and our vision. Only then can they grow from within and make a larger impact down the road. This 12 week apprenticeship program has been recognized by CanFitPro, IHRSA and NPE (all leading fitness organizations) as the industry leader in personal trainer growth. We are super proud of this program and our team.

13 Fat Loss Secrets

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