Are you often tempted to skip your workout at your Red Deer gym? Wondering what exactly happens when you give those gym sessions a miss? Let’s delve into it!

Is Missing a Workout or Two a Big Deal?

As a professional Red Deer personal trainer, I often get asked this question. The answer, in short, is good news and bad news.

The good news first – missing a couple of scheduled workouts isn’t a significant concern in the short term. Your fitness levels won’t plummet overnight.

However, the bad news is that this can potentially kickstart a damaging cycle, one that could turn into a much bigger problem.

The Downside of Skipping Workouts

This is not about the planned rest days, which are essential for your body’s recovery and progress. What I’m referring to here are the workouts missed due to unexpected schedule disruptions or simply because you weren’t in the mood.

Say you missed one workout, then another, and before you know it, you haven’t hit your Red Deer gym in two weeks. Here’s what happens next:

Within the first week, your cardiovascular endurance dips, and your heart rate may increase during activity. You might find yourself struggling with your next cardio workout, and it’ll take a few sessions to regain your cardio fitness.

As you enter the second week, your strength starts to wane, and your muscles begin to diminish in size. This loss can contribute to unwanted weight gain.

Beyond this point, your cardio endurance and strength continue to dwindle. You’ll start experiencing a decline in your energy levels as well. In the long term, this sedentary lifestyle can predispose you to various ailments and diseases associated with low activity levels.

But it doesn’t stop there. Skipping workouts can affect your mood, sleep, mobility, and much more.

The Solution – Stay Consistent

So, what’s the solution to avoid these consequences? The answer is simple – don’t skip workouts. If your schedule is genuinely packed, find a way to incorporate intentional movement into your day. Go for a walk, do some squats and push-ups – just keep moving.

On days when you’re unwell, pay heed to your body’s signals and get the rest you need. But on days when you’re just not “feeling like it”, muster up some willpower. Honour the promises you made to yourself and just show up at your Red Deer gym, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Getting started often helps generate motivation. This habit not only reinforces your commitment to your fitness goals but also boosts self-confidence and fosters solid, bulletproof habits.

Consistent workouts prevent the dismal feeling of starting from scratch when you resume your fitness regime.

Remember – you’ve got this! And if you need that extra push or personalized guidance, your Red Deer personal trainer is here to support you every step of the way.

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